Weight Management

We look at weight from a different perspective.  We want to support you in your journey to normalize your weight rather than simply ‘lose it’.  Weight management is a highly personal issue charged with many underlying issues that can be physically, emotional and/or spiritually based. People gain weight for many different reasons, which is why we do not offer simply one solution or option. One size does not fit all! Our use of the TBA protocol helps us to help you find what will work best for you.

We view weight normalization as a process and not an exercise in temporary self-denial.  Your reasons and goals are important and that is what will motivate and support you.  We will help to define and clarify them.  We offer coaching and education.  Some of the things we will help you consider may include:

  • Lifestyle changes to support your goals.
  • Foods that are whole, healthy and nutritionally supportive.
    • Think of this as finding substitutions rather than deprivations.
  • Understanding your eating habits and patterns.
    • Are there certain foods you find addictive?
    • Are some of the foods you are eating undermining your hypothalamus’ ability to control your appetite? Etc.
    • Yes of course.  WE do offer a program through our product line, but strongly suggest you contact us for help and support in this area of interest.  We want you to be successful and will look to match your needs with the best options for your success.  We have tired a number of weight loss programs, methods, and techniques on the market over the years and will discuss their pros and cons with you.
    • Do we have programs and options for use?
  • We will:
    • Discuss options for resting and repairing vital organs such as the liver and kidneys.
    • Offer support in restoring healthy bacteria in the GI tract if needed.
    • Educate you in the importance of alkalizing your blood pH
    • Inform you of the foods that can cause inflammation and undermine the weight normalization process.
For more information regard a weight loss consultation please contact us.

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