A New Concept in Healing

By Dr. R. DeHaan

There are more than 12,000 diseases recognized by modern medicine and over 50 kinds of specialists trained to monitor these diseases. A cure is never part of the conversation. The only options discussed in allopathic medicine are suppression or management of symptoms with drugs, radiation, or surgery. Why doesn’t anyone talk about WHY you developed the symptom or disease to start with, and address that cause? The short answer is, “It is not profitable to actually cure an illness.”

However, there are many people seeking real answers not stop gap measures. People are sick of the side effects from drugs or the lack of answers in the current medical system. Is it any wonder that more money is spent out of pocket each year for alternative medicine than is paid to insurance companies for insurance plans? People want HELP, not another drug or a body part irradiated or harvested.

While amazing progress has been made in the area of emergency medicine, if you are looking for help with a non-emergency health condition, it is unlikely to be available in main stream medicine.  It is true that some effective medications have been created to help regulate and treat many conditions, but wouldn’t it be better to support the body’s ability to heal a condition rather than treat (or mask) it with drugs or surgery?

A Revolutionary Idea!

When you look at the body as a living organism in its complete form, please realize healing is already a part of the human body. Activating it has to do with viewing the body in a holistic manner rather than a mechanical body “full of parts.” All the elements your body needs are generally derived from nutrients which translates into the food you eat.  These nutrients provide the energy potential which is designed to support the body’s ability to restore itself. So why are there so many sick people? Because the nutrients consumed lose their energy potential.  How????

To help understand this concept, think of every nutrient in your body like a light bulb. If you walk into a room and the light is off, your first thought is not that you need to change the light bulb. Your first thought is that you need to flip the switch and turn on the electrical current so the bulb will light up.  What most people don’t realize is that the food they eat is only useful because there is an energy that charges that nutrient to make it effective. The energy found in the nutrient IS the effective part of a healthy food or a high quality supplement.

How does this energy become inefficient so the nutritional elements appear to be in a state of deficiency?

Sometimes the problem is an inherited predisposition or family trait such as heart disease etc. But often, it is the result of eating a diet that is unhealthy & unbalanced.  Food is the primary way to replenish the energy your body needs. Through the miracle of digestion the nutrients in the food you eat are converted into energy the body needs & can utilize. If you use poor energy sources in the form of refined/processed food are devoid of energy.  If the diet is mostly manufactured foods, the body doesn’t have a viable source of nutrients to supply it’s energy needs. Consider this- if the food eaten is dead (refined/processed) can you it to provide life for the body? Is it reasonable to expect life from from something that is dead?

Other factors that affect or deplete body energies include age, bio accumulated toxins due to chemical exposures, poor lifestyle choices, little or no exercise, poor sleep patterns, physical &/or emotional traumas, and stress.

Any combination of the above factors can cause the nutrients to become dormant or unavailable.  In some situations, nutrients may be available, but can be blocked by some of the factors listed above, and the body can’t absorb them. When you supply the current, or remove the blockage that disrupts the energy flow, the nutrients are empowered to activate the body’s innate intelligence.  The  body has the opportunity to optimize it’s natural ability to restore and replenish itself.

Every TBA program supplies the current needed to reactivate the body’s potential to use energy effectively & efficiently. The individually designed program works as a signal or switch. When the current is supplied, the nutrients have the ability to become activated, the body’s innate intelligence is able to function; the toxins move out; cells have the potential to regenerate; symptoms can dissipate and tissues begin the restoration process as they were designed to do.

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