How Does a TBA Program Work in the Body?

Energy disruptions are not caused solely by chemicals, illnesses, traumas, toxins or other physical things that we tend to think of as disease-causing agents.  The medical community has started to accept the idea that attitudes & emotional states have a tremendous impact on the health of the body also.  Powerful feelings such as grief, stress, anxiety, worry etc., take their toll.  These areas of weakness in the energy systems may be something the individual is not consciously aware of.  A TBA program is made in response to the energy disruptions that have been uncovered.

Transfer of subtle energy signatures into a program bottle.


The liquid in the TBA program bottle contains minerals which support the electromagnetic signals imprinted onto the bottle.  These signals become subtle energy information the body’s immune system uses. The immune system can decode the energy signatures imprinted in the liquid & converts them into instructions which the body uses to eliminate disruptive frequencies that block the normal flow of energy.


The TBA program will stimulate the body’s innate self-healing properties, which is a gift by the Divine.  This initiates the regeneration of energy frequencies in the body.  These frequencies work at the cellular level on the body’s subtle energy fields.  The TBA program developed is energetic & not biochemical in nature.  It does not affect, or interfere with, medications or over the counter drugs.

The use of a TBA program is never to take the place of medication prescribed by a qualified licensed healthcare practitioner.  The TBA program is developed to act as a compliment to a person’s healthcare management.

All decisions regard the use, or discontinued use, of prescribed drugs are to be discussed with your healthcare provider. 

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