A Typical TBA Consultation

The vials with energy signatures used to develop a TBA program.

There are various forms of Applied Kinesiology being used around the world (also referred to as muscle response testing). Since everything that happens to the body is recorded in the brain, this information can be accessed using the neurological system. From physical injuries, to food poisoning, to inherited issues to emotional traumas; every bit of information is recorded. TBA accesses & interprets this stored information.


  • The most important factor is the TBA program is customized to each individual.  It adjusts the foundation basis of the difficulties identified in the TBA session.
  • The goal of the TBA program is to find the reason the symptoms are being expressed and provide the body with the direction it needs to access its ability to self-correct.
  • When this information has been revealed, a program is outlined to address these issues.
    • Each client will typically receive a custom 2ounce solution. This solution functions the same as homeopathy in that it provides the body with subtle energy signatures which provides the information needed for the body to access its innate healing potential.
    • The solution has the subtle energies imprinted in it, much like the information imprinted on a thumb drive for use in a computer.
    • The person uses the solution under the tongue between 2-4 times each day.

The energy signatures are imprinted onto the homeopathic-like solution bottle.


Each TBA program is created to address three main areas:

  1. Balance & support the cellular actions & functions of the body that need attention.
  2. Alleviate toxins that might inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal.
  3. Supply the Quantum nutrients needed to accomplish points 1 & 2 above.

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