Our Why

Why did we turn to natural solutions?

Our oldest son Steve is developmentally disabled and diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  He is also diagnosed with ADD and petrochemical sensitivities.  Many of his sensitivities  are triggered by processed foods, food dyes/preservatives, and the chemicals in cleaning & laundry products. The cleaning products, personal care products & the Standard American Diet are toxic to his system. It affects him physically, emotionally and socially.

When he was young, the doctors offered us the use of Class II narcotics to manage Steve’s symptoms. These would mask some of his problems and make our lives easier, but they were not going to address his core issues. This started us on a 20 year journey that continues today.

We have traveled many paths, hence our business name ‘PathFinders’. In our search to help our son we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge & wisdom on our journey. We have evaluated and tried numerous alternate options and nutrition plans. Some of these lessened his symptoms, but never completely removed them. We also found some of therapies were unfortunately a waste of time and money.

We were introduced to total body analysis, or TBA, 12 years ago. It was the system that targeted core issues & saw him as an integrated whole being. TBA, along with a strong nutrition plan, alleviated his environmental and emotional stressors.   These support systems empower him to strive towards his God-given potential.

We feel the information and experience gathered from our journey can help others as well. Let us join you in your journey to health and wellness.

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