Shaklee & Compass News 12 18

It’s been a hectic month getting ready for the holidays. I hope you have had time to enjoy and reflect on the season and what it means to you.  While a little late, here are the Shaklee & Compass December newsletters. Both have valuable information that can be used year-round!

Have a blessed and joyous Holiday season and a happy and safe New Year!


Compass Articles include:

Body Nutrient Requirements
Vitamin D & Mental Health
The Top 4 Antibacterial Essential Oils
Frankincense Essential Oil- It’s not just for Christmas
Understanding Body Energy


Shaklee News features:

What People are Saying About Vivix
Better Sleep
Lots of energy
Cholesterol & LDL Dropped
Ability to Focus
The Heart & Exercise Intensity
The New 7 Day Cleanse Program
Devitalized Soil leads to Inadequate Nutrition
Our January Weight Loss Program (Updated)
Women’s Health Programs
Control HBP & Cholesterol Without Drugs
Dealing with Gastrointestinal Issues

Compass Dec 2018

Shaklee Dec 2018

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