9 Free Fall Classes! 

Join our Fall Class Line Up                                              Because it’s time to lose the Quarantine 15!                                            Tuesdays 7 PM, 3170 Orchard Park Rd!


Safe, educational, & clinically proven

We offer a safe, clinically proven healthy weight program for 9 weeks. This is in conjunction with educational information on a variety of topics. 

  • Week 1 kicks off with the ins & outs of a 7 Day Cleanse and its benefits to the liver, kidneys, and GI tract.
  • Week 2 starts the Health Weight Program where you define your ‘why’ while we provide the ‘how’.
  • Week 3 focuses on the benefits of Turmeric
  • Weeks 4-9 participants choose the topics. These classes are loaded with information & include a lively discussion on the topic of choice.
Many health conscious people have questions about natural options that their doctors either won’t or can’t answer. Doctors are often restricted in what they are allowed to say other than what is the standard protocol for symptom management as approved by the healthcare and drug industry.  Also doctors are trained mainly in pharmaceutical options & receive minimal training in nutrition.


This is your chance to ask the questions you always wanted to ask about health, nutrition and wellness but were hesitant to do so. Come be part of the fun! These classes free. So what do you have to lose?

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