Gear 2: Nutrition

Gear 2: Nutrition

Gear 2 focuses on nutrition which is the daily source of energy for the body.  Sometimes our food can’t fill all our nutritional needs so we often suggest a combination of both food and supplementation to fill in those nutritional gaps.

Sound Nutrition is Key to Good Health. 

Nutrition is your primary source energy renewal in your body.  Through the miracle of digestion, the body breaks down food into the nutrients the body needs for growth, repair, and restoration. It needs a high quality, sound nutrition to do all the thing the body needs just to maintain normal body function. Our food is not as nutrient dense as it use to be. Did you know it takes 5 bowls of spinach grown today to match the nutrient density of one bowl of spinach produced in the 1957? Commercial farming practices and genetic modifications over the last 60 years have reduced the nutritional value of the foods eat.

What is ‘Sound Nutrition’?

Include a rainbow of colors.

Sound nutrition requires eating a variety of foods from all food groups and in rainbow of colors to ensure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs. Focus on increasing the amount of whole, raw foods & reducing the refined processed foods in your daily diet. Balance is key when it comes to food choices. It is essential to ensure you eat the proteins, carbohydrates, &  healthy fats your body needs.  Use common sense in your selections. There is an abundance of healthy foods that are both nutritious and delicious to choose from. It is up to you to make wise decisions about the food you choose to eat.

Click here for our brief guild to mindful eating to develop sound nutritional habits.


Don’t forget hydration is a crucial element in proper nutrition. Although water doesn’t contain calories, it is as crucial to our health and metabolic processes as are vitamins and minerals.  Staying hydrated means taking in water, electrolytes, and other fluids even when you don’t feel thirsty. Drinking 8 to 10 cups of water per day will help digest the food that supplies your body’s needs. Unfortunately today many are opting for the use of sodas and other mass produced beverages that are high in sugar content and do not provide the hydration the body needs.

The Sad Truth About Our Food Supply

The traditional family farm, by and large is a thing of the past.

Everyone likes to believe their food is grown on a local family farm. It just isn’t so. Most farms have been replaced by commercial farming operations. This is reflected in the quality of the food produced.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t provide the quality nutrition it once did 50-60 years ago.



Our foods are grown by mass production.


Today most fruits and vegetables are now grown on large commercial farms owned by the food industry giants such as ConAgra. Their focus is on maximum profits and not necessarily on nutrient content of food.  The soil on commercial farms is depleted of vital minerals the crops need to grow and are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Commercial farms want a product that looks good and sells quickly for the cheapest cost to produce.



Commercial Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) use steroids & antibiotics strictly to fatten the animals and poultry for market in order to increase profit margins.  Many of these chemicals remain in the meat, milk  and eggs which are absorbed by the consumer. What they won’t tell you is these additives bio accumulate in the body which can eventually create a toxic overload.


These fill you stomach, but contain zero energy & starve your body

The fast food industry has seen almost a 2000% increase in sales since 1980. In our fast paced world more & more people are opting for convenience over quality not realizing what they sacrifice in the process.  Four of the top causes of death in the US are directly connected to diet. We are selling our health out for ease and convenience at a terrible cost!  Even the AMA has finally admitted that supplementation is advised as part of a daily health regimen*.   According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, “Diseases result from undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies and bioaccumulation of environmental chemicals to the point of symptom production.’ ”*

Sound nutrition is needed by everyone!

We offer high quality nutritional products to fill in your nutritional gaps.  For more information about the products we offered, or to place an order on line, please visit our nutrition web page.

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