The 3 Gears

The 3 gears that work together.

It is often said ‘3 legs make a stool’.  This phrase indicates what is being done, or offered, provides a stable well supported and balanced approach.  Think of each piece of our methodology like the gears in an old fashion clock, if one gear missing, or out of place, the clock will not work well, if at all.  All 3 gears need to work together to provide the synergy for the body to work according to God’s design for repairing, rebuilding and restoring. We are merely the vessels God uses to promote this.  We believe that man tends, but it is only God  who mends.  We strive to follow this belief in all we do. Our personal experience along with those that work with us, have found that this approach yields consistent results.

  • Gear 1: Total Body Analysis Indicates energy imbalances causing weakness in the body.
    • The TBA process becomes the overall guide, or compass that outlines what is being blocked, where, and the program that will meet the needs of the body that honors it’s natural abilities to repair, rebuild, & restore.


  • Gear 2: Nutrition– Genesis 1:29 states; “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.”  Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine stated; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 
    • Food is the primary source of energy that fuels all the metabolic processed the body needs to sustain life.  Without a solid nutritional foundation, the body struggles to meet it’s basic needs.  The body’s first priority is survival.  If the body isn’t getting what it needs from the diet to maintain basic functions, it will borrow from one of it’s other systems to survive. This weakens the body overall and leaving little, if anything, left to fight with in the face of illness, disease, or injury. The quality of the nutrition determines the quality of your health & life you experience overall.


  • Gear 3: Essential Oils–  As noted in nutrition above, God has provided everything on this earth for our use.  Therapeutic grade essential oils offer important & remarkable properties. Essential oils possess the innate wisdom provided by God to work compatibly in the human body and support it’s natural abilities to heal itself as designed by our Creator
    • What is especially important to note is essential oils not only work with the physical body, but also help the body emotionally and spiritually. Which is a good thing since it is documented that 70% of the illnesses in the body are related to an emotional issue that has been buried for a variety of reasons & has not been dealt with.

Judicious and thoughtful application of these 3 gears provide the primary foundation to help achieve the wellcare that so many seek in place of sickcare which is nothing more that the use of drugs as a method for symptom management.