Integrated Services

Offering A Wide Variety of Integrated Services


Services are integrated to meet individual needs.

Offering a wide variety of services and uniquely integrating them to the individual’s needs makes sense to us. We combine services such as TBA, essential oils & essential oil techniques, nutritional products, footbaths & tuning fork sessions to provide a highly individualized approach.   

While the human body in general is physically similar regardless of ethnicity, each person comes to us with individual perspectives, experiences & traumas. All of which influence choices, lifestyle, consequences & ultimately quality of the life they live. As noted 70 % of all physical illness has an emotional root which manifest as physical illness, injuries or trauma(s). These factors impact beliefs and interactions with family, society and culture. Therefore a one size approach could never fit all. We focus on each person’s issues & find the unique path that best meets their needs. It is for this reason that we offer the services we do. 

Whether the person requires body energy, nutritional, emotional or spiritual support, we take the time needed to guide them using coaching, mentoring, education, products & techniques.  We invite you to look at the variety of services we offer to see what fits your needs.

The Powerful TBA Programs Affect

Ear Coning

Ionic Foot Baths

Vita Flex Technique

Raindrop Technique

Tuning Fork sessions