Upcoming Wellcare Programs

Turmeric a Miraculous Spice- 3/4/21

This spice has been used for thousands of years by man. Learn how it can help you lead a healthier life.



Essential Oils are the rage- 3/11/21

But do you know  what they are or how to use them?  This offers insight regarding what they are, how they are made & numerous ways to use them safely & effectively. Join us to learn how.



Inflammation & Disease- 3/18/21

Inflammation is the primary culprit in all chronic diseases. This evening we will look at 3 main diseases in the US today, contributory factors and how nutrition, emotions and life style can help you minimize it’s impact on the quality of your life.



Brain Health-3/25/21

This is the major control center of our body.  We will look some key areas of the brain; brief overview of  common neurodegenerative diseases & injuries; how nutrition & lifestyle impact the brain; &  explore the gut-brain.


We continue to allow people to join us in the office for the meetings. We require social distancing & masks for those who attend.  Attendance is a 1st come- 1st serve due to the office size. The in-person group limit is a maximum of 4. If you want to attend, please call 716-560-0896 to reserve a spot!

The link to the Zoom meeting is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7165444342
Zoom Meeting ID: 716 544 4342
Meeting Password: 835538