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Our monthly newsletters cover a variety of interests, topics, services & products we offer related to natural health, nutrition, & essential oils.


The PathFinder’s Compass newsletter features information about natural health concepts, complementary health options nutritional education, body awareness, essential oils, & the wide variety of services & specials we offer.  Topics cover physical, emotional, & spiritual influences on the body based on wisdom, not hype.  When most people think of health, they automatically focus on only their physical health. They turn to western medicine which is about 200 years old. However, the body & human experience incorporates much more. They don’t consider Eastern medicine practices which are thousands of years old.  These practices integrate the emotional & mental  influences on health as well. The Compass looks at subjects that offer options to consider, but don’t interfere with the healthcare practices used by allopathic healthcare provider(s).

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Living Proof (LP)

We are proud to have Shaklee as our premier brand partner because of all that Shaklee has done to improve the quality of our family’s life.  We chose the name ‘Living Proof’ because we are just that- living proof of what Shaklee products have done to improve the quality of life we enjoy.

The Living Proof (LP) newsletters cover information that examines the quality, the science & the clinical results of the Shaklee products. Product specials available both in our office & online on our Shaklee website are featured as well.  The business opportunity we offer is open to those who are looking to provide extra income for themselves and their families.

If you are looking for products that are life changing, or the opportunity to create a lifestyle as big as your dreams, you can find it with Shaklee!

The goal of our monthly newsletters is to support your efforts in becoming an active & informed participant in your health care.