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cover a variety of interests, topics, & services related to natural health, nutrition, & essential oils.  It is part of the educational services we offer. The goal of our newsletters is to support your efforts in becoming an active & informed participant in your health care.


The PathFinder’s Compass features natural health information.

Our PathFinder’s Compass reports on subjects about health & wellness information that can help to build health.  The information reported is based on clinical studies and reports from reputable organizations.  The information offered is designed to promote health building but doesn’t interfere with the healthcare practices used by your healthcare provider(s).

Living Proof

Learn how changing brands can change your life!

We call our Shaklee newsletter Living Proof because that is what Vic & I have become. Our lives are living proof of what Shaklee products ha done for our health and quality our lives. Using Shaklee products has helped us remain healthy into our golden years and maintain the kind of quality of life that allows us to enjoy a wide variety of activities.   The Living Proof newsletters provide information regarding the quality, science & clinical proof about the Shaklee products we are proud to offer.