Total Body Analysis

We have travelled many paths to help our son Steve for over the past 20 years.  In our journey we evaluated, reviewed and tried many natural methods, techniques and systems. We learned many lessons during this process. Because of our journey, we have learned to look at help and support from an ‘outside the box’ point of view.

Our journey has taught us to see each individual as precious and unique.  Each person is as distinctive as their fingerprint; matchless and irreplaceable.  People are not just a collection of pieces and parts.  Each person is an integrated whole with a body, mind and spirit, all of which are valuable and priceless. The influences of genetics, environment, nutrition*, lifestyle choices, attitudes and beliefs are contributing factors that determine a person’s health.

When a person chooses to seek our help, the method(s) selected need to be tailored to their needs.  One single technique or method is not always the answer because each persons needs are result of their life experiences.  One size does not fit all.  Our goal is to find out what each person needs are, and offer education, coaching & mentoring to help them achieve their goals.   That is why our mission is “finding the right path for you”.

We’ve included a number of articles in this section which explain TBA  which we feel has yielded the greatest value and benefit. It shapes what, how, and why we do what we have chosen to do.


  • Nutrition is so important it is treated as a separate category and given a separate location on our main menu.