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I offer very few weight management programs and prefer to focus on lifestyle changes.  However, the Shaklee 180 program is based on clinical science and proven to be the most balanced program I’ve reviewed and participated in. It provides a solid nutritional foundation that leads to weight normalization and a maintenance program that leads to healthy lifestyle changes.  This program helps to normalize your weight and make the changes that support a healthy lifestyle.

The Power of Leucine!

The Shaklee 180® program includes meal replacements and snacks designed to help you burn fat, not muscle. This revolutionary approach features Leucine® which is clinically proven to burn fat but retain the muscle thereby helping you to lose weight without the muscle loss.


What is in the 180 Turnaround Kit?

The customizable two-meal kit delivers a complete program of shakes, meal bars, snacks, energizing tea and a safe natural metabolic boost supplement.  The program also features access to tips, tools and information that will help you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.

Each customizable Turnaround TM Kit includes these products to get you through your day with success! Starting with two healthy meals from Shaklee.

  • Life Energizing Shakes are available in soy or plant (L-Leucine, organic pea, chia & pumpkin seed) protein formulas plus an all new stevia-free soy protein shake.
      • The Shaklee Life Energizing Shake Mix comes packed with:
        • Increased energy and satiety. Feel fuller longer with 20 grams of ultra-pure, non-GMO protein with precise ratios of all 9 essential amino acids.  Starting at 130 calories per serving.
        • Clinically proven support to help you reach and maintain your healthy weight. Powered by Leucine® to help you build lean muscle, burn fat and improve metabolism.†
        • Easy to digest, promotes regularity, and digestive comfort. Our proprietary prebiotic comes from an ancient grains blend, enjoyed by humans for millennia. Plus added digestive enzymes for improved protein digestion.
        • 23 essential vitamins and minerals clinically proven to support heart, brain, vision, bone, immune, and overall health. Includes 200 mg of calcium plus ALA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid, and more.
        • Low glycemic. Supports healthy blood sugar levels with zero added sugar.
If you are busy and on the go, Shaklee has an alternative to the Life Shake!
  • Shaklee 180® Meal-in-a-bar is a complete meal-on-the-go and an awesome alternative to the Shaklee180® Energizing Smoothee.
    • Each bar has 18 – 20 grams of protein and 6 – 7 grams of fiber to help keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours. Plus it has Leucine which helps your body retain lean muscle while you slim down.
Being a complete program you also get;

An Energizing Tea with an exclusive blend of antioxidant-rich green, white and red teas, as well as taurine. This naturally boosts your energy and enhances alertness.

Snack Bars in your choice of flavors, are designed to curb hunger and keeping the munchies at bay with 9 – 10 grams of protein and Leucine®.  The Snack Bars have Non-GMO soy protein and are Gluten free, 99% lactose free

Snack Crisps are a great way to have a crunchy snack with plenty of protein per serving to keep hunger away and cravings under control.  Each single serving bag is only 100 calories and has 6 grams of Non-GMO soy protein ard are Gluten free.

Metabolic Boost* Supplement which enhances your body’s metabolism naturally with clinically proven EGCG from green tea that helps burn more calories. Chromium, vanadium, and banaba leaf extract are also part of the formula. These aid in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, which in turn help keep your energy up and your metabolism going strong.*

You’re not on your own!

  • Program support as part of the Shaklee 180® includes workouts designed by Pure Performance team athletes, meal plans, recipes, and a video library with tips to support your success.

The 180 Turnaround™ Kit features the following benefits which include;

  • Leucine to preserve lean muscle
  • Ultra-pure non-GMO proteins
    • You can choose between soy, whey or a Non-soy formula which contains an exclusive blend of sacha inchi, rice, pea and potato protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose free
  • Kosher.
  • Low glycemic.
    •  Lower GI correlates to a slower rate of digestion and gradual release of glucose, contributing to better weight control and over long-term health.
  • ALL formulas are free of added artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavors.
Your journey to a better you starts here

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.