Events & Programs

Reset Challenge
July 6 to Aug 3, 2020 The program focus is to re-establish healthy eating habits post-COVID lock down starting with only 1 meal per day. Join us for some healthy fun, prizes and rewards!

Sip & Sample Smoothie School

August 29th 1-3:30 PM

3170 Orchard Park Rd., Orchard Park NY 14127

We will learn how to create an easy, quick breakfast or lunch that is nutritious & satisfying. An overview is provided of key components of smoothies like; liquid options- which ones to use for different goals or health needs, protein choices available, thickener choices, & add -ins used to make a great smoothie. We will also discuss smoothies that address health issues like weight loss, gut health, healthy heart, & more!  Participant will have a chance to sip & sample the recipes created that day.  Learn how to promote health to achieve wellness with variety of simple ingredients! Make your reservations for this event by August 17th.


Make & Take Smoothie Party

September 19th 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

3170 Orchard Park Rd. Orchard Park NY 4127

Guests are invited to have some fun & go home with 7 or 14 delicious freezer-ready shake packs. All ingredients for the recipes are provided.  At home they simply empty the contents of the freezer pack into blender, add their favorite liquid & blend for a quick easy meal!   Join us to make 1 or 2 weeks’ worth of healthy, delicious, & low cost meals!  Cost is $25. for 7 meals, or $50.00 for 14 meals. Please make reservations by September 14th