Our Video Chat Platform

Several months ago we started to participate in video chat platforms on Facebook.  We quickly discovered that Facebook censored you if you didn’t produce what they felt was appropriate information.  In other words, if what we said was contrary to their agenda they therefore had the right to label your content as misinformation or remove it all together. We felt is was necessary to bring what started out as our Wellness Wednesdays on Facebook to due to the restrictive policies we were experiencing on social media.

It is apparent that in recent times, both media and social platforms serve to support an agenda rather than participate in discussion and debate. We feel it is immoral to present only one side of a subject in order to push an agenda that serves the self interests of only a few. We support the Constitution and the liberties that are granted to us under the First Amendment both for free speech and the right to worship the God of our understanding as we choose.  Our videos are offered on topics without the censorship of big tech or media outlets. While we aren’t perfect, we strive to offer information that is clinically based and supported by valid scientific information.- Sharon