What is TBA?

tba1What is Total Body Analysis (TBA)

Total Body Analysis (TBA) is a system developed  to find the underlying cause of symptoms, whether it is a physical, emotional, or spiritual toxin.

Total Body Analysis (aka: TBA) is a unique system that focuses on identifying the root cause of a problem & restoring the blocked energy current to the affected body part or system. When this is done, the body accesses its ability to function the way it was designed to.


TBA allows the body to communicate its true needs because;

  • The neurological system knows exactly what is wrong at all times.
    • It knows the cause of the symptoms/diseases.
      • The 95% of the brain that most believe is unused actually monitors every cell in the body a trillion times per second.
    • Information is sent to & from each cell using the neural network as it’s communication system.
  • An advanced form of applied kinesiology is used by the TBA practitioner to access & interpret the information stored in the neurological system.
  • The TBA program is customized for each individual based on the problems identified.
    • It does not force the body to accept a standard protocol that;
      • Is used on everyone regardless of origin, nor
      • Overpowers the body to fight its own natural ability to heal.
  • The ultimate goal of a TBA program is not to relieve symptoms, but to find the reason the symptom(s) &/or disease(s) occurred.

 What does a TBA program look for?

There are 3 things a TBA practitioner is trained to find using a system that is designed to target the root cause of the symptoms experienced. Using a precise process, a trained practitioner is able to find:

1.) The exact body cells or functions that need attention.

2.)  Some of the reason(s) the body functions are not working optimally might include;

  • a nutritional deficiency,
  • an old injury,
  • another body system that is not doing its job well,
  • an emotional component such as stress is present,
  • a previous vaccination/injection,
  • the presence of;
    • a virus, bacteria, parasite, toxin, heavy metal, or chemical in the body,
  • an inherited trait from the parents or multi-generational family trait or traits

3.) The body requires nutrition in the form of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, & fatty acids, etc., to work properly. Any nutritional element out of balance can be identified, as well as the reason for the imbalance.

The presence of emotional stress from today’s society and cultural demands will also make the body more susceptible to all the toxins listed above & TBA is effective in identifying it in order to allow the body to restore its balance.

Finding the root of the problem is the main component to activating the body’s healing potential. The practitioner has more than one thousand samples of energy vials. A trained practitioner is able to find the primary systems that are out of balance, and then seek out the underlying factors that may be the cause of the symptoms experienced.

Symptom Elimination vs.  Body Self-Repair

When the causative factors are eliminated, symptoms have the potential to dissipate. However, it is important to remember when repairing an issue it is like dealing with the layers of an onion. Sometimes the problem(s) can be several layers deep, and it may take more than one program to eliminate the root of the energy disruption. Do not assume a TBA program is not working if symptoms are still present.  Changes are occurring within the body that may not be initially felt externally. Lack of quick results simply indicates the likelihood there are additional relative factors that will need attention in order for results to be fully achieved.

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