Nutrition- Your Primary Energy!

Nutrition is essential for optimal health. 

Bowl of SpinachDid you know it takes 5 bowls of spinach grown today to match the nutrient density of one bowl of spinach produced in the 1950s?


Nutrition is the daily source of fuel & energy renewal in your body.  Through the miracle of digestion, the body breaks down food into the nutrients the body needs for growth, repair, and restoration.

Quality nutrition is needed by everyone!

The Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t provide the quality nutrition it once did 50-60 years ago. Today most fruits and vegetables are grown on large commercial farms owned by the food industry giants. Their focus is on maximum profits and not necessarily on nutrient content of food.  They want a product that looks good and sells quickly for the cheapest cost to produce.

Commercial Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) use steroids & antibiotics strictly to fatten the animals and poultry for market in order to increase profit margins.

Tasty Burger

Typical example of American fast food cuisine.

  • Many of these chemicals remain in the meat and are absorbed by the consumer. What they won’t tell you is these additives bio-accumulate in the body which can eventually create a toxic overload.
  • The fast food industry has seen almost a 2000% increase in sales since 1980. In our fast paced world more people are opting for convenience over quality.
  • Even the AMA has finally admitted that supplementation is advised as part of a daily health regimen.  Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD, Dr. PH; Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc JAMA. 2002; 287:3116-3126



“Diseases result from undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies and bioaccumulation of environmental chemicals to the point of symptom production.”

Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., Detoxify or Die -pg. 121

We offer high quality nutritional supplementation.

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