Nutrition Is Your Primary Energy Source

Nutrition is the primary source of energy!

Nutrition is your primary energy source for the body but doesn’t have to be complicated! The best rule of thumb is to keep it simple with whole foods that are fresh. It’s important to remember that Diet & nutrition are not the same. While food is the primary source of our nutrition, there is mounting evidence from many studies showing that the fruits, vegetables, & grains grown today carry less protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin C than those that were grown decades ago. In essence, what our grandparents ate 70 to 100 years ago was healthier than what we’re eating today. Over the past 7 decades our food has lost a great deal of it’s nutrient density as this graphic shows.

Spinach then & now.

Loss of nutrient density in our food and the introduction of genetically engineered foods (GMO) shows we can’t rely on food as the only source for what our body’s need. Supplementation therefore is a viable option & the one recommended by the AMA to fill in the nutritional gaps food can no longer provide. The issue then remains which supplements provide the best support? We offer Shaklee products because its what has helped our family over the past 3 decades. It’s a key element which has provided the quality of life in our golden years we have enjoyed & it can help you to.

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