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Using a common sense approach to health.

During the COVID pandemic this past spring many people became acutely aware of the need for a healthy immune system. This was keenly felt by those with underlying conditions which put them at greater risk.  It is important to try and develop a healthy immune system but doing so in the middle of a pandemic is like trying to fly an airplane while trying to build it at the same time.  I know this sounds harsh, but there is an element of common sense in this statement.  Before you can build your immune system, you need a sound nutritional foundation.   After all people don’t build the 1st story of a house without establishing the base to support it.  The body functions very much the same way. The body has basic nutritional requirements and prioritizes nutrition on where it is needed most. If basic needs are not met, there won’t be any reserves  available if needed for something else..

The AMA as far back as 2002 acknowledged most people do not eat according to the USDA food guidelines and stated supplements are needed. It is a fact that 70% of the American diet is processed and refined & the consumption of fast food has risen by 2000% in the last 30 years. Nine out of 10 people aren’t getting the daily recommended vitamins & minerals in their diets. As a nation we are undernourished and overfed.  It is proven that the following diseases are preventable with proper nutrition & supplementation.

  • 80% cardiovascular disease in women
  • 60% of cancer related deaths
  • 90% of Type 2 diabetes

If the body doesn’t have what it needs to meet basic requirements, it will struggle even more in a health crisis.  The good news is we offer products that provide the solid foundation you need for a healthy body. We are offer health coaching and education in person, by phone, or virtually to promote health in order to achieve wellness.

Now is the time to address the nutritional gaps that lead to chronic illnesses and disease.  Don’t wait. While nobody can predict the future, isn’t it wise to make sure you are prepared no matter what?

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Take care
Vic & Sharon