A TBA Program

Each Vial is imprinted in Hz. with the perfect frequency for the vail it represents.

A TBA program is developed based on the information discovered when the energies of the body are compared to the electromagnetic signatures of the TBA vials in the kit. TBA energy vials contain a sample of the electromagnetic energy of whatever is listed on the label. The energy vials are used to identify which energies are weak and need support.

Human body functions are based on frequency, like the rest of the universe. The body uses the neurological system to communicate & share information with all the other cells in the body.  Your brain is a hotbed of electrochemical activity. About 100 billion neurons are each firing off 5-50 messages (action potentials) per second.   Automatic body functions like heart, liver, kidney, lung, & so much more are under the control of the subconscious mind & when the frequencies are functioning within an accepted level the individual does not pay attention to these functions. However, diminish or disrupt those frequencies, & symptoms or dis-ease are experienced.

The imprinting of frequencies from vials to the TBA bottle,

The vials which indicate a function is weak are put together with other vials that were discovered to be weak also. This group of vials is used to create a custom homeopathic-style program for the client’s use. The body reads the frequencies in the liquid and converts them into instructions the body can use. This allows the body to renew or rewrite its energy frequencies that removes the energy blocks. The program is energetic & not biochemical in nature.

The TBA bottle acts much a thumb drive.

The program bottle contains a mineralized distilled water which has the electromagnetic frequencies imprinted on it. Think of the program bottle like a thumb drive used with a computer. You copy the information from one computer (the TBA vials) onto the thumb drive (the program bottle) in order to transfer the information to another computer- (the body).

Each TBA program is customized to the individual based on the underlying core issues identified in the session. The custom program provides the body with subtle energy signatures that offers information needed for the body to access its innate healing potential to self correct.  The program has the subtle energies imprinted in it, much like the information imprinted on a thumb drive for use in a computer and is delivered under the tongue.

Each TBA program is created to address three main areas:

  1. Balance & support cellular actions & functions in the body have been weakened.
  2. Alleviate toxins that are the cause of the weakened energies & inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal.
  3. Supply the quantum frequencies needed to activate the body’s capacity to heal according to God’s design.

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