The Neurological System

The Neurological System

The neurological system is complex & many text books/research papers have been written on the subject. The purpose of it’s inclusion here is to give a very brief understanding how this complex system yields it’s information to the TBA practitioner.

One neuron can communicate with many other neurons at the same time

It’s important to know that neurons are the most fundamental unit of the nervous system. The communication between nerves occurs through electrical & chemical signals. These electrical signals jump from nerve cell to nerve cell by what is called a synapse.  This jump is done via chemicals called neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors. Synapse’s are not done on a one to one transmission process. One neuron can communicate with multiple neurons to transfer electromagnetic impulses.


Neurons develop complex communication networks.

In one study 1 billion neurons were linked by 10 trillion synapses, in a brain simulation developed by IBM & Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The simulation required the use of a supercomputer to complete it’s task. Researchers were testing a hypotheses about how the brain works. However they there weren’t even close.  The real human brain contains about 100 billion neurons, not just 1 billion that was used in the simulation. It is also estimated there are100 trillion neural connections, or synapses in the brain constantly occurring. That number is more that the number of stars in our galaxy!

The network may have as many as 10,000 or more synapses, each one sending & receiving information from many other cells. Neural transmission in the body has been clocked at 268 miles per hour. All this results in a massive neural network where every cell can communicate with every other cell almost instantaneously. This kind of electronic information transfer, across a very complicated network made by the billions of neurons in the human brain, allows for communication within the body in microseconds.

It should come as no surprise when it is said that the brain scans the body via the neurological system 1 trillion times per second. It is these energies that TBA accesses to accomplish it’s purpose.

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