Energy Vials

Energy Vials

Each vial is imprinted in Hz. for the vail it represents.


Energy vials are used in TBA as an advanced form of applied kinesiology. Each energy vial contains a sample of the electromagnetic frequency of whatever is listed on the label. These vials are used to identify which body energies are weak and in need of support.

Energy vials for anatomy & physiology.

Using the energy vials provides a unique pathway to build health. The purpose of TBA is to identify & correct molecular energies that are interrupting the natural energy flow to an affected body part or system.  The energy vials identify why & where the energy is out of balance. It allows the body to communicate what the problem is & what the body needs to repair rebuild & /or restore. The use of these energy vials accesses this information through the body’s information superhighway called the neurological system. The neural network knows exactly what is going on in the body at all times. Every bit of information is recorded and stored in the neural network. It knows why, where, & how the symptoms originated &/or were caused. Whether the problem resulted from physical injuries, food poisoning, poor nutrient absorption, genetic sources, environmental toxins, physical or emotional trauma/abuse, the brain & neurological network records & stores it all.

Each drawer can contain up to 150 energy vials.

The energy vials are used to identify which energies have been weakened and which are strong.  The vials that weakened are put together to create a custom homeopathic-style program for the client’s use.

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