Body Energy

Body Energy


Disrupting the circuit blocks energy flow.

Body energy has several distinct forms. Most people know the body has electrical energy which is biochemical, or the result of chemical activity within the body.  There is also electromagnetic energy that moves in waves and can be expressed in terms like wavelength or frequency. It is the energy that can be seen on electromagnetic imaging used in medical tests. When you think of these forms of energy think about the electrical panel in the home.  If a circuit is disrupted the energy flow to a section of the home goes out and the appliances lights, or other technology will not work. It’s not that the energy isn’t available, it just that the energy flow is being blocked by the circuit breaker. Once the circuit is re-established, normal functions of all items associated with that energy circuit return to normal & function as they should.  Body energy is much the same way. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine it is called Chi that flows through meridians in the body.

Body energy functions like the hard drive on the computer.

Body energy is also like a computer. It has an operating system often called the hard drive or operating system that works in the background. You cannot see or use it directly. However, without it, the software on the computer will not work. Illnesses occur because the body’s ‘software’ (aka: body energy) becomes blocked by something that is disrupting the program. This is similar to computers downloading viruses, trojan horses, or worms. The computer may work, but not as efficiently as it once did due to the disruptions of the program. This type of energy is subtle. Einstein described these energies by their effects or outcomes. You can’t see UV rays from the sun, but you know they exist when you become sunburned.  There are frequencies the human ear can not hear, yet when you blow a dog whistle, the dog responds.   While the body can not perceive these subtle energies, we can see their influence in our daily lives, because we can’t see, hear or touch it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

TBA allows the practitioner to identify these different types of energies within the body, what’s blocking them & creates a ‘program’ to recalibrate, or remove the disruptions to the energy flow so the body can then do what it’s programed to do which is repair, rebuild & restore.


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