Finding Core Issues

Finding Core Issues

Disrupting the circuit blocks energy flow. It’s the same with body energy.

Finding core issues is the central focus of the TBA program. In TCM illnesses are seen as blocked energy flow resulting in dis-ease. Energy flow in the body is similar to the electrical panel in a home.  If a circuit in the panel is disrupted, energy to that portion of the home goes out.  However fix the break in the circuit by turning the breaker back on & energy flow is restored.  The body is much the same. Restore the energy pathway & the body will do what it was designed to do by the Creator. When the energy is allowed to flow the body can follow it’s innate abilities of repairing, rebuilding (where possible) and restoring itself. When the energy imbalances are eliminated, symptoms have the potential to dissipate

The goal of TBA is to identify the blocked energy causing the weakness the body.  When these blocks are addressed, the body’s innate abilities know how to respond. TBA focuses on 3 areas.

  1. The exact body cell, or functions, that need attention.
  2. The exact reason(s) the body is not working optimally. These can include;
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Physical, emotional, or spiritual traumas from injuries or abuse
    • Body systems not doing their job
    • Modern day stress
    • Vaccination/injection injuries
    • Pathogens: virus, bacteria, parasite, environmental toxins
    • DNA that presents as family-generational illnesses
      • Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, inflammatory diseases, etc.
  3. The nutritional malabsorption, or insufficiency.
    • The body requires proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, & fatty acids as the fuel to perform all the functions in the body, including the task of healing. Any of these elements that are blocked, overused, or depleted can be identified.

Based on identification of blocked energy, TBA provides a program the body can use consisting of electromagnetic frequency signatures that stimulate the body’s innate abilities.

Body energy work is like peeling the layers of an onion.

It’s important to remember repairing an issue can be like dealing with the layers of an onion. Sometimes the problems can be several layers deep, and it may take time to eliminate the root of the energy disruption. Do not assume a TBA program is not working if symptoms are still present. Changes could occur within the body that may not be initially felt externally. Lack of quick results simply indicates the possibility that additional factors will need attention in order for results to be achieved.

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