Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy

Each cell is an independent entity with a life force if its own

Subtle energy occurs in the body at the cellular and subcellular levels. Each cell is an independent entity with a life force & intelligence all it’s own that provides for independent expression.  There are billions of cells in your body and each one provides a dwelling place for not only its life force but also yours.  The cells emit low level energies of heat, acoustics, & light.  This subtle form of energy operates below the mind’s radar & dwarfs the capacity of the brain’s ability to keep you alive. Each cell communicates and cooperates with all the other cells in the body through a complex system of cell signaling.

It is true that cells take instructions from the brain. However, the cell’s intelligence center directs its internal functions of existence.  Cell energies are responsible for carrying out complex activities in all the organs. The innate cellular intelligence directs the selection of nutrients it requires to accomplish the intricate task specific to each tissue, organ, or body system it belongs to; how much of each nutrient it needs; what to excrete as waste; what & how to repair itself; create a new cell to take its place; and programs its own death when it can no longer function.

It is this intelligence that orchestrates the biological actions necessary to sustain life & is a gift from the Universal Creative Intelligence many people call God.

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