Helping the Body Heal

Helping the Body Heal


Helping the body heal may not seem possible, but in many cases it can be done. Why??? Because healing is something the body is designed to do!!!

There are more than 12,000 diseases recognized by modern medicine and over 50 kinds of specialists trained to monitor these diseases.  The only options discussed in Western (allopathic) medicine are managing symptoms with drugs, radiation, surgery some combination thereof. Why isn’t the word ‘healing’ used?  Does there seem to be any discussion to address the root cause or core issue- Why not?  The short answer is, “It is not profitable to actually cure an illness.”  Drug companies are looking for life long customers not cures. 

Trapped into living on drugs.

More & more people are becoming resistant to using drugs & now seek answers rather than stop gap measures. People are sick of the side effects from drugs & the one-size-fits-all approach offered by modern medicine. More money is spent each year for alternative medicine because people want HELP, not another drug or a body part irradiated or removed.

Fight to avoid becoming part of the downward spiral.

While emergency medicine & its use of drugs can produce amazing results, the same can not be said for treating chronic illness/disease. Typically treatment takes the form of symptom management by masking symptoms- (i.e. taking opiate blockers to disrupt pain signals, or substituting for a body function such as insulin in a type 2 diabetes or Synthroid to replace L-Thyroxine).  This ultimately results in a long-term downward spiral of more drugs & more side effects.

Wouldn’t it be better to support the body’s natural ability to repair, rebuild or restore starting out with diet & lifestyle changes first rather than spending a lifetime on drugs if it can be avoided?  Most forget, or ignore, the body’s tremendous ability to heal. They don’t see that healing is already a part of the DNA in every cell of the body when seen holistically.  Even after a doctor performs surgery he has to rely on the body to do the healing when he is done. The other issue is Western medicine views & treats the body as a collection of “different parts”, not as an integrated being with a body, soul & spirit.

The answer to helping the body heal is located between your nose & chin.  Let’s face it you are what you eat as the saying goes. Food is the ongoing source of energy replacement that the body requires. Through the miracle of digestion the energy from the food eaten is converted into energy.  The reality is the body doesn’t get energy from the food, it gets energy from the energy found in the food.  Natural whole foods contain all the elements that promote health & are essential to ideal bodily function. That’s what supports the body’s ability to restore itself. 

80% of the American diet comes from the right side of this picture.

So why are so many sick people? Because most of the food consumed has little to no energy. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet with it’s processed & ultra processed foods provide little, if any, of what the body needs. People eat foods that are devoid of energy.  In essence processed food is dead with little nutritional value.  When the diet consists of mostly manufactured foods, the body doesn’t have a viable source of nutrients to supply the energy it needs to function. Ask yourself, if the food eaten is dead, can it can’t adequately sustain life for the body?   Realizing the body’s first instinct is survival, what does the body do to maintain systems like respiration, circulation, digestion & the biochemical processes it requires?  Quite simply it robs other body systems of their reserve nutrients. If body reserves are depleted & exhausted, will the body be able to respond in a health crisis?

While food is the primary influence in the body’s health, there are other things that play a part.  These including age, bioaccumulated toxins in the tissues/cells from chemicals & heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, poor lifestyle choices, little/no exercise, poor sleep habits, physical &/or emotional traumas, & stress.

Any combination of the above factors can deplete or block nutrients.  In some situations, nutrients may be available, but are blocked by some of the factors listed in the previous paragraph as well. When you supply the nutrients by removing any blockages and giving the body what it needs, the energy flows as designed & activates the body’s innate intelligence. The body has the opportunity to optimize it’s natural ability to restore and replenish itself.

The TBA program uses subtle electromagnetic energy signals.

Every TBA program uses subtle electromagnetic energy that reactivates the body’s potential to use energy effectively & efficiently. The individually designed program works as a signal or switch. When the current is supplied, the nutrients have the ability to become activated, the body’s innate intelligence is able to function; the toxins move out; cells have the potential to regenerate; symptoms can dissipate and tissues begin the restoration process as they were designed to do.

The goal of Pathfinders is to activate subtle energy pathways which allow the body to access God’s design.

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