How Ear Cones Work

There are several methods of treatment employed when you are ill that involve the ear. Thear conese use of ear cones and/or ear candles to treat illness has been known and documented for thousands of years. Ear cones do work, but what you need to understand is what the ear cone is designed to do. Ear cones are intended to stimulate your body’s capacity to remove toxins and debris from your ears. They are not designed to suck wax out of your ear, nor do they work to cure anything by themselves. They set up conditions that trigger the body to respond in such a way that results in toxin removal. Ear cones are used to promote healing, relieve stress, and to release blocked energy. Ear coning is meant to be a soothing relaxing experience that is similar to aromatherapy.

The ear cone works to aid your body in its natural healing process. One of the ways this is done is to soften the built up earwax in your ear. Ear cones aid your body’s ability to self-heal by depositing a thin layer of wax over the skin of the outer ear canal and ear drum. This softens the ear wax already in your ears and it also chokes the pores of the external auditory canal. Clogging the pores doesn’t sound healthy, but the action it instigates in the body’s immune system is very beneficial. When the pores become choked by the thin layer of wax from the ear cone, it triggers your body’s natural defense system to produce oils to remove the foreign material which contain the toxins out of your ear. This helps your body’s natural defenses to push the toxins out.

This cleansing process will start to happen over the next few hours and some relief may be felt quickly. However, this process will continue to last for several days while you are sleeping, in the shower or when you clean your ears with a wipe or washcloth. Avoid using cotton swabs to clean your ears because this pushes the wax along with the toxins back into your ear and defeats the purpose of using ear cones.

Please note: The first 24 hour after an ear coning it is important to drink plenty of water, keep your ears warm and free from drafts. During this 24 hour time frame is it important to keep water out of the ear as they self-heal and cleanse.

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