Custom Essential Oil Blending

Custom Essential Oil Blending

Custom Essential Oil Blending is used to give the body what it needs to support biochemical & electromagnetic frequencies.  Essential oils work on the principle of  the Arndt-Schultz Law which states the use of lower doses that the body absorbs slowly will activate physiological responses. In essence-

  • Weak concentrations of biological agents stimulate physiological activity.
  • Medium concentrations of agents depress physiological activity.
  • Large concentrations halt physiological activity.

It’s another way of saying “less is more”.  Many times, the individual’s energy pattern does not necessitate the purchase of an entire bottle of the required essential oil(s). They may need only a limited amount of each oil to foster the desired result.  Certain essential oils can be very expensive, and we have found creating a customized blend for the individual is more cost effective and efficient.

Customizing A Blend
  • Custom essential oil blends use between 3-5 separate oils.

    We use muscle response testing (MRT) from the TBA program to guide the choice of oils.

    1. MRT determines the oils & the amount to be blended, and carrier oil to be used.
  • We also use the following resources to create blends when needed-
    1. Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR)
      1. 2nd Edition Life Science Publishing
    2. Reference Guide for Essential Oils-
      1. Mobile Phone App or
      2. 8th Edition- Higley, Connie & Alan
    3. Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide- Young, D. Gary
    4. Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils- Mein, Carolyn

Determining Application Point

Foot Chart Example

The TBA program is used to determine application point. We use a number of different charts related to each area of the body that present energy points where the blend is to be applied.

  • Foot chart (L/R)
  • (5) Auricular (ear) charts
    • Symptoms, physical structure, brain & nerve, organs/glands, or emotions
  • (2) Hand charts
    • Palms (L/R)
    • Alternative points
  • (3) Head charts
    • Face, side, back of head
  • (3) Torso charts
  • Back/Spine

Each chart includes information regarding:

  • The number of drops from each essential oil used in the blend.
  • Application point on body where the oil is to be used.
  • Type & amount of carrier oil used (V6 or jojoba).
  • Frequency of application per day

Roller or dropper bottles used.

All essential oils used are reviewed to explain both choice & potential benefits.  Coaching and demonstration of oil blend application are provided. Each blend is labeled an amber bottle (2 ml-10 ml) using either a roller or dropper dispenser.

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