Common Sense Works

Common Sense Works!

Common sense tells you this is not how you want your immune system to function during a pandemic.

Common sense works in matters of health. The human body is much like a house, both require a sturdy foundation. The body uses nutrition as its basic building blocks & it prioritizes which systems need it the most such as respiration & circulation. If basic needs are not met, there won’t be any reserves available in an emergency and the foundation will crumble.  Over 70% of the American diet is processed and the sale of fast foods has risen 2000% in the last 40 years. Nine out of 10 people aren’t getting the daily recommended vitamins and minerals. As a nation Americans are undernourished and overfed. The AMA acknowledges that supplements are needed to fill in the gap of our dietary shortfalls. If that is the case, doesn’t it make sense to use supplements? Isn’t it also common sense to use the best quality supplements available?

It is proven that the following diseases are preventable with proper nutrition & the use of  supplementation.

  • 80% cardiovascular disease in women
  • 60% of cancer related deaths
  • 90% of Type 2 diabetes

We offer Shaklee products to provide the building blocks which are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the body. We have used & experienced the results of Shaklee products for 30 years. We invest the time needed to explain the benefits, quality and why the products are being offered.  We develop a specific nutrition plan based on the TBA program, that incorporates food choices best suited to support your health, & supplementation if needed as part of our coaching, mentoring, & education program.   We carry a supply of products for purchase in our office. However, we offer the entire Shaklee catalog of products for your convenience through our online store -24/7/365- where the products are shipped directly to your door. Now is the time to address the nutritional gaps that lead to chronic illness and disease.

While nobody can predict the future, common sense tells you it is wise to be prepared no matter what.

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