Total Body Analysis

Total Body Analysis

Each Vial is imprinted in Hz. with the perfect frequency for the vial it represents-.

The Total Body Analysis (TBA) is an advanced form of applied kinesiology using energy vials that provides a unique pathway to build health. The purpose of TBA is to identify & correct molecular energies that are interrupting the natural energy flow to an affected body part or system.  TBA identifies ‘why’ the energy is out of balance. It allows the body to communicate what the problem is & what the body needs to repair rebuild & /or restore. TBA accesses this information through the body’s information superhighway called the neurological system. The neural network knows exactly what is going on in the body at all times. Every bit of information is recorded and stored in the neural network. It knows why & how the symptoms originated & were caused. Whether the problem resulted from physical injuries, food poisoning, genetic sources, environmental toxins, or emotional trauma, the brain and neurological network record it all.

When the electric current is restored, it allows the body to activate its ability to self-heal, which is a sacred gift placed in our DNA. But our God given potential is of no use unless we learn how to activate it by eliminating the energy block.

Energy You Didn’t Know You Had!

The mitochondria is where cellular energy is generated.

TBA looks at body energy as a collection of energetic frequencies. The mitochondria are the power generators found in every cell of the body except red blood cells. The mitochondria converts the energy from food into the energy.   This is what powers the functions within all cells that are based in the molecules and compounds at the molecular level. Body energy is subtle & emits low-level light, heat, & auditory energy that has both electrical & magnetic properties.

The amazing thing is the body is able to convert this energy from one form to another. How???

  • Our body energy is identified by Quantum physics as the binding energy that exists at the molecular level.
    • This subtle energy controls the electromagnetic & biochemical energies in the physical body.
  • Einstein’s 1913 Theory of Relativity (E=MC2) states: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so low as to be imperceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

Why Turn to TBA?

What makes TBA stand out is its ability to find core issue(s)When the body is given a program that has natural electromagnetic properties, it rebalances the energy flow  which allows the body to follow its innate abilities to repair, rebuild &/or restore (when possible).

Medicine’s treatment of chronic illness/disease is symptom management using drugs, surgery, or radiation. Many people resist the idea of

  • living a lifetime on drugs & potential side effects;
  • being subjected to repeated radiation for either diagnostic or screening procedures which can bioaccumulate over time; or
  • having a body part surgically repaired or removed.

More & more people are using natural options in the form of lifestyle changes to improve or manage their health.  TBA gives people the option which may be the missing puzzle piece they can add to their wellness care.


Consultations are available in person, by phone or on zoom.