Making Healthy Happen! 

Making healthy happen is your top priority!

Empower yourself by building health from the cell up starting today! You invest in your health every time you eat. With each bite you make a choice regarding your health.

Making healthy happen at the doctor’s office may not work. Why???, Because doctors are limited in what they can tell you.

Doctors are often restricted in what they are allowed to say other than the standard protocol  as outlined by the healthcare and drug industry.  Doing anything else many jeopardize their professional license, loss of hospital privilege’s or result in lawsuits because they didn’t follow what the drug or medical industry dictates. Doctors  receive over 300 hours of training in pharmaceuticals while only getting 19 hours in nutrition. Their nutritional suggestions will most likely be generalized. It’s not their fault, it’s the curriculum they are required to take in medical school.

Healthy doesn’t happen, it needs a plan. Empower yourself by asking the questions you want to ask about health, nutrition, & wellness  in a safe, supportive atmosphere. We offer coaching & classes that provide the opportunity to learn about complementary practices that are safe, scientifically based and focused on building health.

Invest in your health, learn about your body & building wellness in your life!

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