Emotional Release Work

Emotional Release Work



Smell has a powerful impact on emotions.

Emotional release work can be achieved through the use of essential oils. Recent clinical science has shown 70% of the illnesses in the body are related to an emotional issue that has been buried for a variety of reasons that have not been dealt with. Many emotions are a fear based survival response used as a defense to protect the individual. There are numerous factors that are involved as to why & how this happens. The following list is a merely a suggestion of how these patterns may occur-

  • Young children don’t have the emotional ability/maturity to understand or handle traumatic situations they are exposed to.
  • Occupations may repeatedly expose individuals to trauma-i.e. Law enforcement, military personnel, first responders, healthcare workers, etc.
  • Repeated exposure to the news & other forms of social media.
  • Abusive situations/assaults, i.e. verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual in nature.
  • Mental health issues for individual, or family members, can contribute

The above is obviously a very short list of the many ways fear based survival responses are established in an individual.

Sadly, when emotional patterns become ingrained, they’re not easy to shift without help. Because these responses are buried in the subconscious, they become a reflexive response and remain there until the person is emotionally ready or able to deal with them. Certain events, thoughts, words, or actions occur which trigger the buried emotions. Triggers are as individual as each person. What will trigger one person may not trigger another the same way. The individual needs to understand & identify how/why these patterns came to be part of their life. The essential oils help to address these deep seated issues allowing stuffed emotions to be released.

In this section we will briefly explore several topics including;

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