Emotional Pattern Creation

Emotional Pattern Creation


Creations of the emotional.

Emotional pattern creation comes as a result of the communication between the conscious & subconscious minds. The conscious mind trains the subconscious. Any word, action, situation or thought that is believed to be significant by the conscious mind impacts the subconscious. The subconscious mind is subjective in nature. It does not reason or think autonomously, it obeys the directives it receives from the conscious mind. Humans create how they act, feel and respond on their beliefs about themselves and others.  When somebody’s says something to a person, the listener attaches a new meaning or reinforces an established feeling which establishes or strengthens an emotional response. The listener unconsciously buys into it as though it were the truth. It may also validate an already established, false, or incorrect feeling, belief, or illusion.  Illusions represent unreal or incorrect perceptions in the form of fantasies, imaginings, false notions, misbeliefs & misconceptions.

Emotions ebb and flow constantly.

Thoughts are guided by feelings of the moment. A person’s emotions ebb & flow changing instantly depending on the circumstances. Many of these feelings are often buried and the person may not be aware of them. This produces a belief, or a belief system, that was established long ago by the individual or by significant people in the individual’s life.  This mental stability ensures the person thinks and acts in a manner consistent with what they have said or done in the past. Much of this happens as a result of self-talk.

The brain does not distinguish between what’s real or imagined.

Ironically the brain does not distinguish between what’s real or imagined.  Otherwise, people would not have an emotional response to  to things like sad or happy movies, pictures, stories, or songs.

People are drawn to situations that validate what their mind believes. Whether it’s correct/incorrect, fact/fiction is immaterial. The brain, especially the subconscious, functions on emotion not logic. The subconscious mind always has to be right & is very single minded in its focus in order to feel it is in control.  If thought(s) & feeling(s) match up, the person will have a sense of internal harmony.  Therefore, it is necessary to have the feeling(s) match up with the thought(s). When external events match up with what the individual believes to be true, the mind feels a sense of certainty regardless of the circumstances. The subconscious wants continuity no matter how irrational that may seem to a rational world.

When jumbled messages occur between thoughts & feelings, the individual live in a  constant pattern of chaos, confusion, or dysfunction. This may be the spark that helps them realize the need for change.  The person’s perception of the situation, feeling, or belief has to change in order for the thinking to change. In order to become single minded, a person needs to change the way they feel by changing the way they think.  Altering perceptions can happen in an instant or it may take time.  Feelings can be changed by changing thinking, but conscious perception must change first.

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