The Universal Law of Harvest

The Universal Law of Harvest


The conscious mind plants the mental seeds for the subconscious mind.

The Law of Harvest is a universal law that says what you sow you reap. Each thought is in essence a ‘mental seed’ that can grow. We cannot plant mental seeds that are negative & expect to harvest positive results.  So, if the conscious mind can plant negative seeds, it can also plant positive seeds to train the subconscious mind.  Which means the conscious mind can retrain the subconscious with a replacement thought, feeling, or inner dialogue.  It’s impossible to eliminate a bad habit, thought or feeling. It needs to be replaced with another thought, feel, or habit. Eliminating the negative without replacement creates a void which allows for a relapse of the old behavior. It becomes necessary to replace it with a positive thought, or belief. Negative & positive emotions are the opposite side of the same coin. Finding the positive side and establishing is the challenge.

It is possible to weed out the negative mental seeds.

If the person can focus on the inner chatter or self-talk, it becomes possible to transfer the thoughts into conscious awareness. Being mindful of the inner dialogue allows the person to make a conscious choice of what that dialogue will be. The more a person can identify the negative feeling, the greater the opportunity to change the negative internal programming.

However, it is necessary for the individual to be responsible for their feelings and change them in order to become the person they want to be.  This helps to eliminate false beliefs and substitute constructive feelings/beliefs enabling them to correct the misperceptions. It takes a concentrated effort to practice, govern & replace old feelings, thoughts & beliefs by turning them towards more positive responses.  However, as you participate in this process, it becomes more automatic and easier to do.

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